Low Back and Hips

The Solution to Your Low Back and Hip Pain

Is it your hips, or is it your back?

The culprit ––the hip, the back, or the soft tissue surrounding these joints –– often transfers pain to the other.  For example, the low back problem shoots pain to the hip, or vice versa. 

Either way, pain in the low back and hips can stop you from enjoying even basic movements (or non-movements), like getting up from a chair or lying down in bed.

If the hips or low back quit, then the sport you love will have to wait. Even die-hard triathletes find it almost impossible to perform with a chronic low back or hip problem.

Good news! You can address many issues before they do damage to your body and lifestyle. 

Dr. Ben Anderson’s program supports the natural healing process of your body and gets you back to the lifestyle you love. 

The techniques demonstrated in the videos and accompanying workbook can easily be done at home. Best of all, you don’t need expensive body work or equipment – just a foam roller, a strap, and a ball.

The Solution Series program originated from Ben’s desire to heal his own health issues.

Although Ben serves his patients with treatments that relieve and correct common hip and low back pain, he maintains that 90% of these healing methods are easily done by the client herself. They are all included here.

This is the information you’ve been looking for.

The Program

  • Clear explanations of basic anatomy, physiology and kinesiology of the low back and hips. Learn how normal movement looks and feels inside your body.
  • Discover and correct your body’s alignment and symmetry to avoid problems downstream. Learn how to disrupt key pain triggers!
  • Discussion of nerve impingement, joint issues, and muscle work – and how these affect your overall health. 
  • Master the foundation of easy movement. Learn why your posture is key to your muscular and respiratory systems, and how to maintain excellent posture in everyday activities.
  • Passive and active stretches for immediate relief and lasting change. Your range is different from others, so Ben shows you how to find what works exclusively for  your body.
  • How to develop full range of motion in your core, your body’s power center, making you a better athlete.
  • 12 stretches and resting poses for the hip extensor and abductors; lumbar extensors, the core and abs, and lumbar and hip flexors. These all work together, so you’ll want to practice each stretch.
  • How to safely use resistance exercises to control and strengthen the core, low back muscles, and the hip flexors and extensors.
  • Why the fastest healing takes place in the first 6 weeks of therapy, and how to build strength over the years, significantly minimizing the risk of future injury.
  • Understand how the breath enhances hip circles and other hip exercises.
  •  Ben’s 80% Rule for Stretching to build optimal strength.
  •  10 isometric low back, core and hip exercises, focusing on stabilizing and strengthening overworked joints, including the correct way to do Bridges and Supermans.
  • Release hot spots in the diaphragm and learn abdominal and fascial massage for soft, supple, pain-free movement.
  • Learn to increase contractility of the diaphragm by releasing muscles deep in the lower lumbar region.
  • The importance of the medial glutes! 
  • Compression holds and cross traction releases for lumbar extensors and flexors. (This is where your foam roller becomes your best friend!)
  • Two gentle and effective Psoas compressions for instant tension relief.
  • Advice on when to see a doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor. (Inflammation due to arthritis or rotator cuff injury is common and treatable with these techniques, however serious injuries may require a specialist.)
  • Short videos for each isolated technique. No wading through long videos. Quickly access the only ones you need! 
  • A printable cheat sheet with key visual cues for each technique. 
  •  43 page ebook documenting Dr. Ben’s complete Solution Series for the Low Back and Hips.

 BONUS: For a limited time, you’ll have access to Dr. Ben Anderson’s email and a Facebook group personally moderated by the doctor. Your questions and comments are addressed in a personal, safe and supportive space. Dr. Ben will even answer phone calls to support you as you heal yourself with these tried and true methods.

Just remember, later on, you’ll need those hips for dancing.