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Have You Been Toughing It Out?

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Don’t let Today’s Minor Issues leave you with Pain and Expenses Tomorrow.  (There is a common theme with sports injuries:   Little issues will be STAKING UP Before Catastrophe Strikes! )      You Must Address the Minor Problems to Avoid Major ones.  Using The Solution Series’s targeted tools you could end up saving tons of your valuable time and money in the long run.

Recurring Injuries Got you Feeling Stuck?

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What's the Solution You Ask?

It's Simple: The Solution Series uses a Multi-System approach for the Full Restoration of an area.

Long Lasting Solutions for your specific body area need to address the entire ‘Kinetic Chain’ or ‘Motion System’.  This can not be done with a unilateral approach;  such as only Stretching, or just getting Massages.

The Fact is:  It is actually fairly common to Recover, AND in that recovery, to obtain an all new level of Peak Performance!    But, after people experience an exercise stopping injury – Long Term Resolution is almost never a singular event or strategy.

Our solution needs to be more global in scope.  Such as it should address the entire muscle group as a ‘motion system’.   Because no single muscle will ever be involved on it’s own.       In addition, the opposing motion system’s muscle group will likely need to be addressed because there WILL BE a ‘pulley like’ balance on Both Sides of Every Joint.   BUT,  it is often a negative balance, setting the stage for additional injuries I can say without a doubt that most joint sprains are a ticking time bomb from having an over-tension, under-tension muscle balance and the system fails under stress leading to injury.

It doesn’t make sense for muscles to just go into spasm, or have inflammatory symptoms for no good reason.

  When this appears to have happened, a good physical examination will almost always find an obvious breakdown in one of the following categlories that would have directly contributed to the injury AND would continue to cause THE SAME INJURY over and over until it is CORRECTED!

  1)  The Joint Motion or Alignment  2) The Strength Ratios attempting to Properly Balance both sides of the joint  3)  Flexibility / Range of Motion  4) Muscle Tone or Tension levels  5) and finally the Nerve Supply which causes Muscle Weakening and Poor Coordination.

But if we already know those problems will most likly exist to some level with any recurring injury, and the basic corrections are all the same; then why don’t we just clean up the whole mess from the beginning? (Then we can not only rebuild ourselves, but we can climb to all new levels of peak performance!)

Don’t miss the Forest for the Trees!!!


“90% of my patients should be able to manage their issues independently with the right instruction.” Dr Ben

Feeling like Your Best Days are Behind You?

It's Understandable, We Did Too!

(But, My Insider Secrets to Recovery in The Solution Series made All the Difference!)

     Eve (my sister) and I, both had to recover our bodies from seriously damaged and exhausted states as was talked about in our stories on the home page.  It would be my guess that without my professional knowledge that neither one of us would have ever been able to Get Back In The Race.

     By understanding The Solution Series info on how to Recover like a Professional Athlete, We both are now once again Strong enough to train as we please.  And to continue making fitness gains while feeling great.

     Injuries can be life altering in more ways that we appreciate when strong and still improving.  Eve and I are both very grateful to have retained our physical ability which leads to so much of our deep satisfaction and well-being in life.

     We should all be so lucky as to have a career in how to make people physically great, and how to recover from injuries.  It’s an advantage beyond belief and with my difficult autoimmune situation;  I do not think for a second that I would be OK without my education and experience.

     If it turns out that you where not lucky enough to spend many years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning this invaluable info  FEAR NOT.  I’ve simplified it to the core basics  of what You Really ‘Need to Know’ and have now given it to you here.

'The techniques in the videos and workbook can easily be learned and done at home. Best of all, you don't need expensive bodywork or equipment – just a foam roller or ball.'

Feel like your swimming against the current with your injury?

Take My 30 Day Challenge!

It's More than just GUARANTEED!!

       I trust that these techniques are so effective and easy to use that if you can’t regain your; Strength, Function and Comfort in under 30 days using the Solution Series, not only can you keep the program AND have your Money Back, I will also GIVE you a 10 minute consult  via Skype to help you Get Back In The Race!!!   

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Overcome your recurring injuries and keep them gone for good!

Most serious Athletes have experienced Repetitive Injuries. The Athletes that understand and utilize Focused Recovery Techniques are the ones still training and reaching new heights.

The most Amazing thing is that these techniques are incredibly straight forward. 

Easy – to – Learn.

Easy – to – Apply.

Guaranteed to Help!

Remember Your Runner's High?

You Know, the feeling of Deep Peace and Satisfaction from your exercise...

  Of Course you do  –  you are an endurance athlete.  Triathlon is a particularly satisfying ‘High’ because of the combination of sports that lifts elevates each event to a superior next level together. 

Why would you limit yourself to just one form of exercise, that you will need to continually do for longer and longer periods of time – while getting less and less Ecstatic Endorphin Reward

The Superior path to more Bliss is through Cross-Training.   Which creates prime amounts of ‘Eu-stress’ (the Positive Stress Response that is responsible for the Runner’s High) for your body to optimize all of the Positive Body and Brain Chemistry changes that come from exercise.

That Blissful feeling lets you know you did something right!!

This is exactly like the combining of strategies in the Solution Series.  Which allows you to reach new Heights of Performance that are not possible without the Right Knowledge, Support and Focused Effort.

Regain your exercise High, and Get Back in the Race!!

It's Nice to Have a Doctor in the House.

‘There are around 29 joints and bones in the hand, controlled by around 34 muscles in the palm and forearm. But you don’t need to be an expert to maintain your best possible strength and mobility.’

The Doctor is on Call!

Frustrated with Your Recovery? (Or lack thereof)

'It Doesn't matter what you have tried before - if you have not taken advantage of all these special benefits: You are Messing Up.'


  • Clear explanations of Basic Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology of the hand and arm.   Learn how normal movement looks and feels inside your body.
  • Discover and correct your Body Alignment and Symmetry to avoid problems downstream. Learn how to disrupt key PAIN triggers!
  • How to safely use resistance exercises to control and strengthen key areas of the arm and hand.
  • Understand how the Breath is the key to Strength and Coordination, and how to use its this power to ingrain Motion Patterns more effectively.
  • Tips for The Best Scheduling of the techniques in the program, to ensure your most productive healing.


  •  How to Develop Symmetry over time, with ease and joy, making you a Better Athlete.
  • Passive and Active Stretching techniques for long lasting changes.   Your range is different from others, I’ll show you how to find what works best for YOUR body.
  • Why the Fastest Healing takes place in the first 6 weeks of therapy.   And how to build strength over the years to significantly minimize the risk of future injuries.
  • The 80% Rule for Stretching to build optimal strength.
  • Advice on when to see a doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor. (You need to know when serious injuries may require a specialist.)
‘Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.’
(The Father of Modern Medicine)

Some of the Opportunities in The Solution Series Program Include:

  •   Short videos for each isolated technique. No wading through long videos.   Quickly access the only ones you need! 
  •   A Printable Cheat Sheet with key clear visual cues for each technique.
  •   43 Page E-book documenting the entire Solution Series Program for the Elbow, Wrist and Hand.
  •   Master the foundation of smooth and easy movement.   Why your posture is key to your muscular and respiratory systems, and how to maintain excellent posture in everyday activities.
  •   10 isometric hand and elbow exercises, with focus on the elbow, the hand, finger extensors and flexors.
  • Discussion of nerve impingement, joint issues, and muscle dysfunction – and how these affect your overall health.
  • 16 stretches for the hand and lower arm muscles, with focus on specific individual areas: the pronators, fingers, the thumb, wrist and finger extensors, and wrist and finger flexors. This makes it so that you can isolate your solution quickly and make the needed corrections FAST!
  • How to improve and maintain the integrity of muscles with compression releasing techniques pro athletes use.
  • How to protect tendons and ligaments to prevent long lasting injuries of the hand and arm.
  • Techniques for releasing tightness and tenderness in the muscles, and improve suppleness in tendons and ligaments.
  • How to use traction and cross fiber muscle compressions safely and effectively.

'The Solution Series makes recovery so simple you will wish you had these tips years ago!'

(Especially if you could factor in the expenses saved on no longer needed Body-Work Sessions and Costly Medical Expenses.)

Because think about it:  if you where able to avoid just one trip to the doctor ($25-$150) and an average diagnostic test ($150-$1200), then you would SAVE $175-$1350!!!

And that is for just ONE VISIT for ONE INJURY!

How much Time and Money have you Wasted Already?  Probably a lot – like most athletes.

It’s expensive to be hurt!  The most reasonable cost estimated for a doctor visit and the cheapest test, is about what the All 4 Solutions Series Programs cost,  And it’s almost Double the Price for only the body area you need.

And when have you ever been Guaranteed Success in 30 days?  Probably Never.  

Very Limited Time Bonous:

 Because I believe in the Solution Series so much, and I am Fully Committed to your success, that for a limited time with your purchase you will have access me personally to help guide you along.  You will have access to me via email, and through a Facebook group I monitor myself.

Your questions and comments are addressed in a personal, safe and supportive space. I will even answer phone calls to support you as you work to correct and heal yourself with these tried and true methods.  I know with my support WE will be able to get you Back In The Race!!

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And Remember, the Offer to be Your Personal Guide will Not Last Long!

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