"90% of my patients should be able to manage their issues independently with the right instruction."

injury prevention and recovery

I just think we can do better. It's that simple.

     There is a major limitation in clinical practice.  It’s that you can only help as many people as you can put your hands on.  

     It’s my strong belief that the INFORMATION received in the office is the most valuable part of an office visit!

      As it turns out the corrective stretches, exercises, and manual releases that I found effective and easy to implement really boiled down to just a handful of practices for each area.   These became The Solution Series.


  Clinically I have enjoyed great success over the years. I love chiropractic, teaching and working with people on every level to support their personal development.  Don’t love to brag but I have helped out UT Athletics, worked with Pro Athletes and Billionaires.

  But my true love is to help people to transcend their personal obstacles and succeed against all odds.  I Take It Personal.

  Out of the office I soak up every moment with gratitude.  Having experienced great loss and life threatening health crisis has lead to an unbridled thirst for life.  

  I’m a mellow searcher of adventure, pleasure, and challenges to overcome.   A lower risk tolerance could make for an easier life, but I’m never bored and I’ve got some fantastic stories!

   I wish for nothing more than to be more than I am.  Always improving.  Always curious.