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The Secret to The Solution Series is being Simple AND Complete

The 3 Pillars to Success

A long muscle is a strong muscle, and will be more resilient to stress.  Make rapid tension relieving changes in flexibility using short ‘resets’ that are timed with your nervous system’s muscle length controlling mechanisms. It will be simple to do a professional stretch job on yourself after just a few short videos.

To enhance your muscle tone and power nothing works better than these easy to follow instructions on joint stabilization and strength ratio balancing.  This will reinforce proper movement patterns resulting in more efficient and stronger motion.  It also serves to prevent joint injuries from athletic traumas and poor repetitive moment.

Increase your comfort and mobility fast when you learn how to do self-bodywork!!  Make long lasting changes with simple and effective approaches using either a foam roller or a ball to release your tight and tender areas.  You will be the best massage therapist you’ve every had!

“In my experience when people understand their situation  AND  have clear instructions on how to make meaningful changes, good things happen.”

  Dr. Ben Anderson 

It Really is Personal to Me

      I needed the tools that became ‘The Solution Series’  personally to restore my physical ability after a crippling autoimmune situation called an Addisonian Crisis’ in 2008. 

       Since age 17 I have discovered and applied different healing arts to slow down how fast my body brakes-down from a multi-system endocrine (glands) nightmare.  The Solution Series is a compilation of what I learned from becoming a chiropractor, being unwell, and a life-time of athletic endeavors. 

       After my diagnosis with Autoimmunity (Hashimoto’s, Addison’s) in 1998  my body failed me over and over.    A muscle strain here.    A joint sprain there.     Pain and tension everywhere. 

  Every run felt like playing Russian Roulette for a calf muscle strain or lower leg issue.    It was difficult to keep my physical training up, and finally 10 years later I catastrophically broke down.

The game changed when I woke up with an elephant on my chest,  tightness of breath to the point of being difficult to draw air in.   It hurt, and my heart’s rhythm was scattered, unpredictable and mildly terrifying.

     Imagine:   Your muscles being so exhausted and dysfunctional that it hurts to pump your heart!!     

  My muscles where done, and I knew that to recover I would have to rebuild my body from the weakest, most broken down possible starting point. (And that’s AFTER I resolved the dangerous Addisonian Crisis situation, a whole story in itself.)

    It took YEARS to recover;  and there where MANY heart breaking set backs.  I struggled, and suffered.  But, I never gave up .

       It took everything I knew to bounce back.   And I would need to learn a lot more before it was over.  I needed;   proper Medical Care,  Specific Nutritional Supplements, AND the information that is now The Solution Series  in order to get me back to a high functioning state of being. 


     I hope you will let me share this hard earned knowledge with you.   So that it may support you with any current issues  that are holding you back.   And  hopefully to help you prevent future-problems for years to come.



Ready to Finally Get Back on Track?

Take My 30 Day Challenge!

It's More than just GUARANTEED!!

       I trust that these techniques are so effective and easy to use that if you can’t regain your; Strength, Function and Comfort in under 30 days using the Solution Series, not only can you keep the program AND have your Money Back, I will also GIVE you a 10 minute consult  via Skype to help you Get Back In The Race!!!   

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Don't Settle for Your Current P.R.

I understand what it’s like to be knocked out of competition too early.  To loose your ability and fitness due to injury is tragic, and can be emotionally devastating.

But, It does not have to stay that way!!   Imagine: regaining the road, that feeling of gravel under your shoes, the sound of the air rushing over your ears as you coast down a hill, and the crispness of the light making patterns on the bottom of the pool.  These sensations grow in importance beyond belief when they have been absent, and the gratitude for their presence is a recipe for happiness.

Now Imagine if you not only could return, but return stronger than ever!  To be able to go for longer with greater ease and comfort.  It’s not only possible, it’s guaranteed!

We All Have Set Backs.

Even My Always Competitive, All American Athlete Sister.

Eve's Success Using Solution Series Techniques is Why I Developed the Programs for Online Access.

In her own words:   I have always been an athlete and worked through countless injuries while an All-American college soccer player, and playing on the All Air Force team.   As a mom in my 30’s I started doing triathlons and LOVED IT!.   But the fun ended abruptly when I seriously injured my calf muscle.

I saw multiple body-workers and ‘specialists’ with no lasting help for my problem, and I was getting down about my future.   It kept me from exercising and competing, and was even difficult in everyday life.    Thank God For Ben!

The releasing techniques in the Knee Ankle and Foot solution series gave me the tools to not only get my athletic life back, but also everyday functional fitness like walking up my stairs and taking care of my kids.

Ben is gifted in providing solutions that REALLY work. He is as good an educator as he is a healer (which is exceptional). This injury was resolved because of him and it has not reoccurred.

I highly recommend this series to educate yourself, receive proper guidance for recovery techniques, restorative exercises plus much more. I have shared this with everyone I know with an athletic injury!        -Eve Smiley, MS

What Makes Amazing Possible?

  •  Improved Range-of-Motion increases stride length allowing for more distance per stride.  And improved shoulder mobility is critical to increasing swimming speeds.
  •  The easier and smoother your motion is  – the lower the stress on the tendons and connective tissues,  helping to avoid acute and chronic injuries.
  •  Also,  easier smoother motion requires much less effort;  saving energy for longer workouts and faster races!
  •  Focused development of the stabilizing muscles around joints to help resist damage from both micro and major traumas.
  •  Improved oxygen handling capability with lung-capacity focused diaphragm exercise and releases, and increased rib mobility.  Resulting in decreased fatigue and increased energy output.
  •  Relaxation of muscles and the resolution of micro-traumas using a Ball or Foam-Roller eliminates more causes of injury than any other mechanism.
  •  All the benefits of massage for athletic injury prevention and recovery.  (massage therapy originated with Greek gymnasts that used it to improve performance)
  •  Increased blood flow by using focused stretches and releases in areas notorious for decreasing circulation.  More blood, more energy, better performance. (Just ask Lance Armstrong)
  •  The Perfect Posture Video, and positive Posture changes from using focused exercises in each pillar (Stretch, Strengthen and Release) of The Solution Series.   This opening of the lungs improves oxygenation, while also decreasing stress on your joints and improves over-all muscle performance.

What the experts are saying on the Science of Recovery...

  • On Recovery:   “Recovery is becoming increasingly important to the high-performing athlete in a bid to reduce fatigue and enhance performance.”               Sports Science Exchange (2013)  Vol. 26, No. 120, 1-6

  • On Foam Rolling:   “The reduced feeling of fatigue may allow participants to extend acute workout time and volume, which can lead to chronic performance enhancements.”       Journal of Strenth and Conditioning Research: Jan 2014 – Vol 28 – Issue 1 P61-68

  • On Stress vs Recovery Balance:   “For elite athlete, to achieve optimal athletic performance, they must follow a systematic approach to training centered on the fundamental principle of the “training response” (16), which focuses on obtaining a balance between stress, fatigue, and recovery, termed the stress/fatigue state”      Strength and Conditioning Journal: Oct 2013 – Vol 35 – Issue 5 –   p 43-47


You Too Can Get Back in the Race!

A few more life the changing differences made using the Solution Series.

‘I’m always a bit cautious to say progress too quickly but the releasing has helped hugely.  I have some days more or less pain free again…  Lower back pain that has plagued me in bed for eighteen months is abating.  I’m back to where I was walking up a big hill again… So I’m very grateful, and this is before I’ve even really got the hang of how  to do it in a masterful way.’

-Kaia Ariel

‘I have only been doing the Solution Series Program for a short time, but the difference is obvious.  My pain is way down and I am am now moving with much greater ease.  Thank you Dr Ben!!!’

-Janice Rolling

Every Program Includes:

Critical Info:   Easy to understand videos for how each body area functions, the basic anatomy,  AND what goes wrong.  Because you are better able to help yourself when you have this BASIC but crucial info.

Quick Start:   A Concise video for each technique so You easily Understand what you need to do so that you do it effectively, right from the start!

Printable E-book:    With easy to follow instructions and clear picture demonstrations.

The Tools to Succeed:   Several different techniques to Stretch, Strengthen and Manually Release each muscle group specifically using a ball or foam-roller.

Info You Need:   Practical advice on when to see a doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor.

The Most Generous Satisfaction Guarantee on the Web!!

My Sister and so MANY others have spent THOUSANDS of Dollars trying to bounce back from their athletic issues and injuries.  Let me show you a better way!’